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TwomonAir - Dualmonitor,remote

8.18 usd

------------------------------------------------------------------Special offers to TwomonAir 50% off Check out the deals!------------------------------------------------------------------If you can not use Three finger input touch gestures on htc device,
Change setting to OFF in Settings > Display, gestures & buttons (or Display & buttons). Then, it will work properly!
========================================TwomonAir is a app which you can use your smart device as a dual monitor or to remote control your computer.
It enable you to access a Twomon installed computer whenever and wherever at your convenience.You can research information or remote control your computer in your bed.
It also makes it more convenient to use web surfing, document editing, video clip watching and so on.
TwomonAir is an app with high usability.You can play games using Twomon’s joystick function, and it also provides sound display function of a computer speaker to those without speakers.Also keyboard, numeric pad, note pad, calculator which are built in app will further increase Twomon’s usability.
Use smart device smartly with TwomonAir.
TwomonAir for Android is only available for Wi-Fi connection.(※ Not support 3G and LTE connection, google account.)
TwomomAir is working via sync with purchased Account over Wi-Fi.
※ Before the Purchase
Any of the following three content in this app if you can not run properly.
One. Windows 7 + system display two or more + Number of monitors connected to the computer currently(All of the conditions applicable)
Two. Two. If you use a USB monitor (DisplayLink driver is in use)
Three. Installing the Windows OS environment, the Virtual Machine
※ In order to use the Twomon as the main monitor,You need to set to directly move to the desktop when you boot computer. So, you need to delete the password or set the "automatic login".
Available Devices : Android 4.0 or later Available PC OS : Windows XP or later / Mac OSX 10.7 or later
For manual or detailed information, please visit our website at (